Sunday, May 13, 2007

Italy's Weight Loss Program

I only have a minute as the Rome City Tour began yesterday and so we're back to being on someone else's schedule.

If last night was a taste of what I am to endure these next five days?  I am so going to be losing all the weight the guys on the last tour made sure we gained.  A "casual strole" for this guide is more like you and my idea of what a "power walk" is.

Hmm, the guide this time is a cutie named Stephanie.  I wonder if the guy/girl theory I am thinking up applies to non-Italian guides who have lived for too long in Italy???  If it does...I really am in for an experience.

My guy/girl theory will be posted later, but for your perusal, some advice on shoe buying:
If you want to buy something out of the norm, say really really wide yet not too long shoes...FIND A GUY to sell them to you.
If you do not heed my advice there will be stares and sneers and really awful tones of "Those are MENS shoes!" and lies "Of course we carry your size!"
If the woman cannot find something IMMEDIATELY, she will say they don't have it and start helping the next customer without even saying good bye.
You must hunt down the girl to ask any questions.
Guys will walk around all the displays with you to at least get an idea of what styles you like and then take as much time as necessary to find something that might fit AND that you might like.
If there is nothing at their store, a guy will suggest somewhere else to go, cuz you know the ladies?  Apparently THEIR store is the only shoe store in all of Italy, or something.

More later.


Rick Andreoli said...

I just spent an hour catching up. How fun! I hope it keeps going well... um, but without the injuries.

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