Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bizarre Love Triangle

So my one white strand of hair and I are having issues today.

Well, actually I should just say my entire head of hair and I are having issues today. As I noted to Andy the other morning, for some bizarre reason, my hair has decided to start growing straight instead of it's wavy-going-on-curly usual state of being. I generally just kinda shrug my shoulders and um shoulder on.

My hair and I have never seen eye to eye and it does not surprise me that as soon as I'm fine and dandy with it being as big as it wanted to be (think Rome, think humidity, I shudder to think about just how big and curly my hair got on those last days...) it is now so straight that the only body I have left on the top of my head is coming from that one lone white strand of hair I discovered a ways back.

I'm learning to be okay with the white hair. I mean, well, it's still only the one, that I know of. But really and truly, why does it have to be so obviously there now that the rest of my hair has gone lank?

I am obviously far too vain.

In honor of this vanity I shall share one of my favorite versions of Aphrodite:

This is from the National Museum in Naples. The statue was originally meant to be in the middle/at the edge of a fountain so that Aphrodite/Venus could check her um junk/trunk/boootie out in the reflection!
I LOVE that! Wacky Romans.

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Beth said...

Yank it. That's what I used to do when I only had a few light hairs. They do seem to be coarser and stand out. Love the Venus statue!