Wednesday, May 09, 2007


So....what day is it?
Okay, we are in lovely, overcrowded, tourist trapped Positano.  A beach resort town...or something.  I will try to get down the the beach to verify with a picture some day, but "beach" is not a word I can use to describe the small bit of sand that the non mega-bucked turistas can use to sit on and access the water.
The hotel is lovely.  Really.  I have decided to take the day off today to rest and maybe give my swollen feet a break...cuz they are, VERY swollen.  I need to use my overpriced internet time (three Euro for half an hour) to find a quick cure.  I would ask for suggestions but I know that I will not get a chance to check back before we take off again. 
Did I mention tours go too fast for me?  Though I did get to see Pompeii.  Wow. to find a post card...


Beth said...

Oh, I'd love to see Pompeii! (That seems rather morbid, doesn't it?) Was it eery?

Bezzie said...

I hate canned tours because they go too fast. Ah well, it gives you a valid reason to go back again to visit!