Monday, April 23, 2007

Some Socky Goodness

My loyal knitting readers are today rewarded with pictures:
Technically these would be officially named: "Cantaloupe Ribbed Socks" to follow the Nancy Bush/Knitting Vintage Sock naming tradition...but you already know what name I gave them before blocking:
Yes, that's right! THEY FIT!
Here's a better reality/true color picture:
I swear they GLOW. Today is so gloomy/half-light grey that they really are a little bit of sunshine for my little footsies. Or as I've come to accept them, the the wider than they are long hobbit feet I've been given.

Pattern: Loosely based on "Madder Ribbed Socks" by Nancy Bush from Knitting Vintage Socks
Cast on with 5 US 2 DPNS and then after a couple rounds changed to US 1s.
Yarn: (I HAVE THE INFO PEOPLE!!! Yes, I had to dig around to find it again...) All Things Heather 100% superwash merino "Cantaloupe", a prize from Aloha & Oreos/Keohinani's Swatch Contest.

They were too small before I blocked the bejeebus out of them. I let them soak forever in (yes I am a heretic) Woolite and some vinegar (to keep the colors in check). Then I grabbed my oh so 'spensive one-of-a-kind, couture as it were, plastic coated wire hanger homemade sock blockers, in teal I believe, and stretched the buggers on there, then crossed my fingers and went away to hem some pants (is it me or are pants just ridiculously too long now-a-days???)

My toes seem to be okay so far (I'm still wearing them). I think, however, that I shall learn from this experience and cast on a sufficient number of stitches for my next attempt at socks...which idea I stole from NotScarlett! I'm going for Monkey by Cookie A.

According to my grand calculamifications (the sock calculator I downloaded, the very first offering), I need only add one more pattern repeat (i.e. up the cast on to 80) and I will only be 4 stitches shy of what the "sock calculator" says I need. Given the fact that this is already 8 more stitches than I usually go for, I think I'm in a good place... Yes, I am convincing myself that I should still cast on LESS THAN I SHOULD. It's either that or figure out where I can sneak in those 4 extra stitches, which I am also doing, seeing as I have SO MUCH TIME (less than 33 hours before I will be on an airplane headed out of the country... Go ahead, ask me if I've packed yet. HA HA HA HA...

I also have to:
Renew my California Teaching Credential (I hope I can still do this online...)
Pay my credit cards
Check to see when my next car payment rolls in/leave a check for it
Figure out if my "gel caps" (Advil and Cranberry pills) are considered "gel or liquid" and need to go into the quart-sized bag, which is getting kinda full, hmph.
Call my banks/bankcard people to let them know it's okay if someone, hopefully me, uses the ATM in Palermo and maybe Rome...and places in between...
Physically go to my banks to deposit money...some day I will get a Washington Bank Account...really

And other things I'm sure the Internet really doesn't need to know finding the underwear that fits, stuff like that :).

Can you tell I'm shy?

Okay, gotta run, none of the above seems to be getting done by itself, the nerve!


Bezzie said...

That's quite a list!

Love the socks--they're not too bright for the supermarket at all. I'll bet you could use it to give a couple of glaucomaed grannies a blinding peek so they'll move away from the cantaloupe.

notscarlett7 said...

I LOVE those socks. Love them. They are beautiful.

Monkey is such a quick, simple knit. It flies by.

You better start packing for your trip, woman!!!

Beth said...

Your socks are great! Um, you're running out of time... :)

Birdsong said...

Wow, have a great time! Hope you got through that list ok... are you considering coming back here and teaching, or is that just "insurance"?

keohinani said...

way to make socks out of cantaloupe! and making it stretch. dayum!
regarding your to-do list?
getter done, woman!
and honestly, i packed a container of aleve in my purse - OUTSIDE THE BAG - and got away with it.
u can't just exchange ur money here? hmm...
wheeee! FO! i can't get over seeing the yarn knit up, actually. feels like i did it - even though i was just kinda sorta more like an enabler person. good to know you take some enjoyment out of the socks. as they say, speak softly but wear loud socks! i don't remember where i got that from. i'm hungry...going senile. have fun! kay bye!