Monday, April 23, 2007

It's 10:43PM

So, how's my list going...

I literally (just now getting the confirmation email) clicked a few buttons and am 10 days away from having my California Teaching Credential renewal processed (or whatever they want to call it, it's renewed, that's the bottom line). I'm a bit weirded out by the simplicity of it.

Used ta' be you filled out eleventy-hundred forms, got all the i's crossed an t's dotted, made copies, mailed it off with your check, and 6 months later, Bob's yer uncle: your credential was renewed. I'm feeling rather old fashioned about this new-fangled "click here" and no signature required. I suppose promising to keep all the original forms and signatures for a year should placate my messican 'form and stamp loving' nature.

That sounds so horribly generalizing/stereotypical of me doesn't it? I am going to hell, but if I'm lying maybe someone can call me on it. I swear I LOVED playing "office" when I was a kid. Nothing made my day more than piles of "important" papers that needed signatures or stamps. Decades later I'm in Mexico dealing quite regularly with bureaucracy (port captains, immigration, lawyers, banks, random fellows with rubber stamps in their suitcases) and I'll be damned (there's that going to hell bit again) if they didn't like papers and rubber stamps as much as my 7-year old self did!!! Heck, I still love it! Stamping and coding was possibly my favorite part of being an Accounts Payable Coordinator! (I keep telling you all, I am not a well person.)

Okay, enough about my tentative grasp of reality here.

T minus...I think I was wrong my last post...cuz I'm still counting over 25 hours to go...though, maybe I was wrong on purpose/subconsciously? You know, to actually kickstart my procrastination-loving self? All I know is that I'm 3 shirts, 1 pair of shorts, and some tights away from finished with the clothes part of the packing. The quart-sized bag/liquids thing is starting to annoy. Who knew I relied so heavily on such liquidy/gel-ly things in my daily routine! I almost feel like a girlie-girl!

Has anyone else noticed that the pictures that go with the 3-1-1 rule all have 1 oz or smaller containers? No wonder my 5 items (shampoo/conditioner combo-2 oz, body lotion-2 oz, sun block-3 oz, face cream-1.7 oz, and hair gel-1 oz) seem to take more than their share... must rethink this a bit more. I will leave that until last.

Tomorrow (which is in 1/2 an hour now...I keep getting distracted as I think of other things, like bug spray and hats for example) I must focus on these last things (as well as finishing up everything else):
- buy, write up, and make ready to mail my mom's mother's day card
- finalize the sock/pattern/etc I'll be taking aboard
- photocopy important papers and such

Good night/good morning :)

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