Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Brain is on Emotional Overload...

Have I mentioned just how traumatizing it is for me to deal with dental work of any kind? Those of you readers who have known me long enough to have endured my having to go to the dentist, I apologize for the way I acted even up to several days beforehand. I am so not myself and all I want to do is run away rather than face a dental chair where "things" with compressed air and drills and my mouth will be involved.

So I bring you:
Things I ran across the internet on my way to fully waking up this morning. Both to distract you and myself until all this root canal business is behind me...that would be after Friday, yes. Urgh.

Here's a page that's just fun to look at. I wish I was that clever with photoshop.

Giant Puppets! Why can't we have cool stuff like this?
The Sultan's Elephant
Little Girl Giant
The Grand Finale

This is brilliant! I don't go for 90% of his humor, but this one, right up my MLA alley:
This Blog...

Okay, this isn't all that new...but I thought I'd share it anyway:
Jib-Jab's "What We Call the News"

While looking through YouTube's Most All Time Viewed selections I noticed that the "Kiwi!" video has far outstripped "The Last Knit" on viewing. So I'm linking to both again.

Okay, let's see if this will like up directly: (Watch it through to the end, I missed the ending the first time...)

With that I wander off to go make some tea, and maybe take some Advil as that pit of decay? The one I wasn't even feeling? Yep, it's started to hurt now. 24 hours to go...

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notscarlett7 said...

Oh, darlin'. It'll all be over soon. Soooo sorry you are hurting and having to go through this.