Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Little Tea and Sympathy...

I am old enough now to consider myself a professional procrastinator. I leave for Italy when and am I ready? Heck no. I still have a couple guidebooks I'm expected to have read and have a list of places I want to see ready for xMIL (mom2? still looking for a better name for her) ...that's what the plane ride is for, right? Yeah yeah, yeah, they say to sleep to avoid jet lag, etc., ...unless I pack my ambien I'm too much of a nervous worrier for that to happen.

Besides, I'm still at the "I have over a week" stage (8 days to be precise), PLENTY OF TIME.

Yellow socks? What yellow socks... la, la, la, out of sight, out of mind....for now.
Instead let me distract you with this:
So two things:
First: I've progressed beyond "swatch" on my mom's new socks. Whether or not she realizes it, she's going to be representin' some Harry Potter with the Horcrux Socks that are developing on the needles. I am so subversive, I know.

Second: I am so out of the loop of things that I had no idea Opus was modeling again! Somewhere in all my backed up data is a scanned photo of a grey-scaled "gap" ad with Opus in his whitey-tighties looking so very cool. The original adorned my school binder about 9 (gasp) years ago--I wasn't still in school though...I was umm, teaching it. My students never for a second doubted my insanity, "Seriously, Teacher, a penguin in underwears?" (They were second-language learners.) The back of that same binder sported the infamous "Bang Head Here" sign:
Lemme tell ya, if you were me back then? Your school binder would reflect similar tastes, of that I am certain.

Anyhow, I was beyond tickled to see Opus out and about again. I am a Berkeley Breathed fan of old. One of the many many many things that utterly convinced my mother I could not be hers, was the trend I had of cutting out the Sunday comics of "Bloom County/Outland" and taping them up on my bedroom wall up around the ceiling until I had ringed the entire room (this wasn't too hard as I lived in the closet had the smallest room of the house). When that occurred (often) I'd replace the older ones with newer ones...one of my favorite "series" being the one where Oliver pretty much holds the world hostage with his "Banana Jr" computer...amazing what my brain thinks worthy of remembering, yet last night try hard as I might I could not remember more than a few blips and pieces of childhood trauma (crying my eyes out in pre-school) when thinking back to the earliest memories I had of school.

Okay...three things:
I have to go get ready for a dental appointment now. I seem to have broken one of my favorite molars with my super powers; the work of Damage Girl is never done, boys and girls. No, I didn't lose the filling; that seems to be the only thing holding the rest of the tooth together. I've actually lost a segment of tooth. Where and when and how? I couldn't tell you. But hopefully they will be able to do something about it and the accompanying jagged edges that are ripping apart the inside of my too chubby cheeks today.

Onward and upward! Or something.


keohinani said...

i hate the dentist. well, my old dentist. i really like my new dentist. he gives me laughing gas with the novicane and a set of headphones so that i can listen to the radio. last time, he said i could use my ipod instead. it was great.
i've come to the conclusion that sleeping on the plane is out of the question when you could be doing something more productive. like knitting.
maybe you could block the socks while wearing them? though...i'm not sure how well that will go over. just sayin'...since i've blocked a hat on my head once. and that worked out okay. or get sock blockers. maybe that will help. idk.

Rick Andreoli said...

So you're REALLY going with MJ? Honest? It's kind of funny, huh?

Tell her I send my love... If you run out of things to talk about on the flight, there's always myself and Steve...

Though I don't know as she knows I have a Steve, but whatever. I know she knows I have a taste for Steves in general, but not knowing anything about this Steve in particular. Oh well. I'm sure you can handle the confusion. You've been in the family long enough.