Saturday, April 21, 2007

Root Canal Schmoot Canal

Happy Saturday!

My face hurts.
My eyelids are swollen.
My jaw is sore.

But I'm alive and talking.
Phase 1 of the root canal (the big drilling and digging and killing of the inside of my tooth) is all over and done with. They put in a temo/permo filling that's supposed to last my out of country experience and then I can get Phase 2 (the little drilling and the crown) done. If I were to have the crown done before I left I think I would die. There is a reason they give you a temporary filling: so you can go home, snuggle in your favorite place and NOT think of drills or dentists or that scary way that one shot makes your heart pound like you just ran a mile.

So they let me watch a movie during phase 1. They had a limited selection so I decided to go for visual over anything I might not be able to hear over the drilling, "Finding Nemo." Yeah, I've watched it a dozen times or so...Now, why did I NOT remember that a good third of the movie takes place in a dentist's office? That the very first procedure that happens in the office is a bloody root canal?!?

I don't remember the other movie options, except for "Freaky Friday", and I don't know which version they were showing, I think maybe the new one (has anyone seen it? Is there a dental scene in that one too???) but I have my suspicions that there might be a sick and twisted common theme in the list. But that would be just me being paranoid again.

I'm sure we'll all be happier when all this dental stuff is behind me and I can once again get on to posting about things NOT related to my mouth, dentists, or drills. Did I mention I really really really can't stand that dental drill sound?

Next up, marathon packing (3 days? Where did that week I had go?) and last minute craziness I'm sure. MJ (xMIL = MJ, thanks Richard) is not all that hip on the cyber cafe thing, so I might be MIA for a while after Wednesday, we shall see. I just thought I'd warn my loyal readers...there are about 4 of you now, right? :).


Beth said...

If we don't "talk" before you leave, have a terrific trip!!! I can't wait to hear about it. (Good luck with your tooth while you're away.)

Bezzie said...

Ha ha! I forgot about that dentist's office in Nemo too! I shouldn't laugh, but that's kind of funny.

Glad to hear you survived!!!