Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some Good News, for a Change...

For those of you following the whining saga of my former life as a Sailing Adventurer (TM), I will stop tormenting my land-lubbing friends (love ya' lots, honest) and just post it here to have it done with.

I received a surprise call while at work on Monday...just after I hit "PUBLISH POST" or I might have edited/amended/changed the ending.

So the Irish Rose is soon to be called something new. She deserves a new name, she is so no longer the same sailboat we found abandoned in Alameda. Instead she was, until recently, an abandoned and damaged hull + pieces on the Big Island of Hawai'i. I do hope this doesn't become a recurring issue in her life. But, yeah, so many parts and pieces gone and missing that really now, if the tales say a boat has to be torn down to her bare bones before she can be renamed without bad juju about? This would be the closest I'd ever want her to get.

Why the new name? New owner. A (to me) wonderful Peruvian man and his wife (?) have taken ownership of my girl and want to make her into their Sailing Adventuring home.

He LOVES my boat. You can hear it in his voice, the sadness at what he found, the joy of telling me about finding the owner of the mast and bartering his carpentry skills to buy the mast back, the ecstatic giddiness of my extensive knowledge of the boat's history...

I think my little girl has found the right man. A mother's heart is at peace here.

Seriously though, he kept calling her mine throughout our conversation, and it kinda hurt every time...especially when I would correct him and say "no, your boat." My Irish Rose, but, he hasn't quite decided on the name, but he wants it to be the equivalent of "Ocean Flower" so as to keep the floral theme going. Yes, tears. But yeah, it definitely will be his, you can just tell.

And on a different more EEP note...I leave for LA on Friday and have not even started figuring out what all I need/need to pack/etc. and everything. The best part is that I'll be at my mom's house, so I can pack some undies and dirty laundry and will still be good :). I am silly, I know.


Bezzie said...

I love that he's going to keep the "flower" naming alive.

Rick Andreoli said...

I'm so excited she's found a new home. I know I've been out of the loop in the last couple weeks, so I totally can't wait to hear the saga of how she found a new home. xxoo

JessaLu said...

Yay! That's so exciting! :o)

Hope you have a great trip!