Monday, May 11, 2009

It Is Not A Tumor

Okay, hai, long time.  I may win space-cadet of the year soon.

So did you all know that yesterday was mom's day?  Yeah!  Happens every year shortly after 5 de mayo and yet, can you believe I almost missed it?  Again?

But I did indeed finally pack up and send my mom her ripple socks, whose picture and post I can't now remember and am being too lazy and hazy to link to just now.

Good thing I even remembered to call pretty early in the morning because just about 2:30 PM after my friends J & L left for home I collapsed and proceeded to have a migraine-style headache that I've deduced was not a hang-over but maybe an epoxy-cat-over.

Okay let me 'splain a little:
There was a "welcome spring" party on Saturday at Tim's house.  Yeah, I know it's May, apparently spring really needs coercing in the PNW, and we were to wear plaid and paisley to please the gods and bust a pig-shaped pinata while we were at it to scare away some bad juju or other and as with most of these parties, burn things.  Yes, that party, did you get the flier as well?

Last year there was a similar party (without the plaid, paisley, or pig...but definitely with the fire) where in a new "portable" fire pit was christened and what is that smell?  Is it the pit?  It smells of plastic and epoxy and is the pit on fire?  Bah, we're just drinking too much and are having a group hallucination or something.

Right.  So when shortly thereafter everyone caught some lung-bug, no connections were ever made...maybe cuz we drank too much?  I'm not sayin' nothin'.

This year we are older and wiser and used such terms as "pace" and "moderation" and also maybe only sat a few minutes at a time around the same fire pit because, ugh, what is that smell?  Is it plastic?  Epoxy?  Is the fire pit ON FIRE?!? And besides, there was "Rock Band" to be played and um maybe I got 100% belting my lungs out in a very angry rendition of the Beasty Boyz' Sabotage, thankyouverymuch, but yes, my throat does sting a little because you get really light headed when you have to scream for five minutes straight to get those "awesomes" to flash across the screen and your palms are sweating and your nervous and really?  100%?  Well I need to get some air and instead of air inhale way more epoxy smoke of death that is healthy for anyone...

So the next morning, my head is a little groggy and my nose stuffy but yeah, a shower would be my score...until after scrubbing and scrubbing my hair I'm wondering why no one told me I reeked of so much smoke!  How horrid!  I shampooed my hair three times and still no good and then I realized it was because the smell, the buring and slightly epoxy smell?  Was IN MY NOSE.  

I'd inhaled so much of it, that it was still here...probably looking a whole lot like toxic black tar (I have an overactive imagination, what can I say) coating the inside of my lungs and sinuses and yeah, so not good.  And no dosing of Advil or Sudafed or Netti Potting made it feel all that good...and then came the headache.  I haven't gotten one so bad since the burning tires incident back when I lived in Mexico.  Apparently pyromania knows no racial lines, just sayin'.

I threw the cat-thing in because I am preeeeeetty badly alergic to one of Tim's cats, so I thought it best to not inhale too much of her (you know what I mean) at the party.  She was technically someplace else, but unless you are deep cleaning your place?  There is cat dander and hair where you'd least expect where I stashed my purse and sweater, for example.

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