Monday, May 04, 2009

We'll Make Great Pets*

I've been trying to figure out the best way to lay out all these things and, well, there isn't one. So hello, and welcome to my disjointed and stunned Monday night.

So I really hate it when Mike Judge is right.

To whit, the H1N1 panic being blasted like so, is not that far off the reality.

The reality, that I could only wish I were making up, was in my "day 1" perusing of Flu-demic filled news. I wish I had saved at least a screen shot so you could feel my discomfort and spread the crazy out of this corner of the world to dilute it a little. A comment left on what I want to say was the Seattle Times website had a person freaking out because s/he has Mexican neighbors and OMG s/he is going to get teh Swine Flu! From her neighbors! Who are Messican!!! And therefore infected! Cuz they are Messican! (Okay, s/he stopped after the first exclamation point and the rest is me, but you get the idea.)

That was about the time I posted my previous 2012 commentary. Cuz really, sometimes, if you don't laugh, you cry.

I explained to someone else closer to my sphere of influence that um, no, actually, most of the folks catching the bad flu in the US were actually not Messican but 'Mericans who had vacationed in the land of my ancestors as most of "my people" in the US, in Washington State in particular, were not likely to be heading to Mexico any time soon. And probably hadn't been for years, because, well, we either lack the funds...or (please don't shoot me) the papers.

And, no, I do not know why so many more Mexicans are dying from the flu than others in the world, but my guess is that if you live in the D.F. you may as well be smoking 5 packs a day, so if you catch a virus that kicks you in the respiratory balls? Yeah, not gonna be a good outcome if your lungs have been thrashed your whole life, you know. Or, okay, yeah, you got me, we are dying because we are not as cool as you. Is that what you wanted to hear? Or can you drop this line of questioning already if you don't like my initial answers?

Your theory sounds just as plausible as mine or my dad's (which revolves around narco-trafficantes and their need to fight back and kick some ass and whoops, where did that vial go). Hmm, maybe my dad's been watching too many of those mexican drug trafficker movies.

And, because I'm tired of it all already and need a little more laughter in my life, did you know that Mexican Ranchera music, the kind with the big horns and the guys all dressed alike and almost marching to the beat as they sing about their horse or their truck or their woman, have entered the 21st century with such modern classics as, Maldito Texto. A-yup, a song about a woman breaking up with a guy via text message. At least she won't give him swine flu that way.

10 days until LA. If they don't shut down the airports my plan is still go!

* Cuz you were good and read to the end: Porno for Pyros, Pets (Personally? I vote for the Martians.)


Bezzie said...

Hee hee. Makes you wonder if it was puppy flu and from Canada would we be as upset? Hmmm....

erin said...

Do people realize this most likely came from an AMERICAN pig ranch in Mexico? (Are they called pig ranches? I do not know.)

My attitude is "eh, it's just the flu. It's not fun, but it's just the flu." I once wandered around NYC with the human flu, drinking beer and trying not to fall asleep whenever we sat down. Life went on.

People are strange, no?