Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Must Be Losing My Touch...

You know I don't care much about this, really I don't, it's just kinda weird how 5 people unsubscribed from my bloglines feed in a 24 hour period.  Seeing as they were all private folks?  I never knew who they were to begin with, and usually I don't connect to my blog via bloglines but being in LA it was just something I noticed...and no one who's left really cares, I know.  And it's probably because of online ponderings like this that people are choosing to read other things.

Okay, I'll stop now :).

In other news:

Earthquakes, we've had a few.  
Yep, LA in the Spring is the perfect time for them.  We've had half a dozen small quakes since I arrived.  I've only felt one of them though, the one in the almost 5 range...4.5 or something?  Anything smaller and I am still so much of a SoCal native that I don't really feel those anymore.  But if they are small and sustained?  I think I get flashbacks of the '87 Northridge quake...just because that one seemed to go on for FOREVER.

Knitting, oh has there been knitting.
Not only have a plucked (plugged?) away at Andy's never-ending socks (you'd think I'd have learned from my first experience with size 11 feet?) but I'm down to the toe on a mangled "Fawkes"(I will find a link later...sorry googlers) sock (I did not use the heel nor am I taking the pattern all the way down the foot), as well as one leg and half of another on a super secret present knit that wasn't so super secret before but I unraveled that one completely and have started again using some ohmygod soft and silky stuff.  I'll have more details and maybe a picture or seven later.

See, as usual, I have the camera, I've even taken some pictures...but even if I had a compatible cord with me?  There is no way I'd connect it to my brother's PC.  I am a bit afeared of it, I guess.  (Why yes, I did just have to delete a whole slew of nasties on here, so you know where I stand.)

This wouldn't be so bad, the no pictures thing, except that my niece (6) really really really wanted to learn how to knit!!!  (And because of this, so did her brother (4).  I love the "me too" years.)

So I traipsed off to the local big-name craft store that was in such disrepair I couldn't believe it (dear god my mom lives in ghetto-ville), and found ONE pink and ONE blue (the last of each, I think) Vanna's special yarn, and after digging through the mess at the bottom of the needle display, I found 2 pairs of those uber-cute matching children's knitting needles.

And there are pictures!  But I will add them later.  Just imagine pictures of pudgy hands trying to hold knitting needles interlaced with my mom's hands helping my nieces fingers find the yarn...and about five minutes later what my nephew decided he really wanted the yarn for :).

My mom thought I'd be crushed.  Maybe 20 years ago when dealing with small fries was frustrating.  Something magical must happen at 30 though; or maybe it's just the culmination of all my kid experience.  I just like the fact that they are playing with the yarn and think their needles are cool.

My niece wants a hat and when she is "tired" of knitting or needs "to take a break" I take the knitting and fix the oopses and knit a few rows more.  We're going to make a "square" fold-n-sew hat which I'm sure many of you will know it when you see it but I have neither the words nor the time to search for what I mean just now...the nephew wants to play fire-trucks again.  I'm game.


Bezzie said...

It's a bloglines glitch...I had 50 people unsubscribe. Yeaaaah....I didn't piss that many people off. I noticed all the blogs I normally read have had major drops in subscribers in a one-day period. Yeah, I really should a.) not pay attention to th enumbers and b.) get a different feed reader. Bloglines always drops people.

Spring and fall are always earthquake weather--what's up with that???

JessaLu said...

It's possible they all moved to google reader and you haven't lost anyone. :o)

Yay for kiddos learning to knit!