Monday, September 17, 2007

Where did the Weekend Go?

Right, so it's Monday morning already...whaah I dona wanna go to school!

I mean, um, work? Sheesh, I guess it really is that bad.

Friday they almost had me, but I escaped! Buahahaha! I was so happy to be free and have just enough time to dash home and change then head for the bookstore/Harlot affair that I totally forgot I had not dug out my fisher price camera. Andy had been so good at lending me his camera that I have totally lost track of my 1.3 mini-pixel-no-good-for-indoor-shots camera since my most recent move. (Did you all know cell phones cameras have better cameras than this thing?) And Andy is in California right now, with his camera. Right. Well. Ummm... so no pictures.

The fact is/was that I had only enough adrenaline to actually get me to the bookstore. I headed straight for Lake Forest Park/Third Place Books, do not pass go, do not collect $200, and absolutely do not tear apart the apartment to find the crappy camera. Once there I dragged my feet straight to the coffee slingers; with a short mocha in hand, slumped down in the last chair in the last row (all else was pretty damned full) and sat and listened and sipped until all was well with my energy level.

I actually do not own a copy of the latest Harlot book. So there'd be no signing line for me. Instead, after the listening, which was rather funny, I spent the next couple hours looking at all the new new and new old (they sell used books) stuff on the shelves. I picked up three books for the price of one new one (well, one of those fancy soft-covers, not a mass media print or anything):

Mexico and Peru - Myths & Legends

Fantastic Alice--This is "fan" fiction by science fiction authors about Lewis Carrol's Alice. I think it'll go nicely with my very tee-tiny collection of Alice books...I've got "souvenir" Alice books in Spanish and Italian.

And a cool covered version of Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur.

I usually don't buy books unless they are screaming at me to take them home...these definitely were. I almost got out of there for under $12. Then, right by the cash register? In their display of latest used book acquisitions...the latest Jasper Fforde novel stared right at me. USED. Hardcover. Impulse buy. Totally. I'll regret it later when I can't sell it. But right now? MINE!

So I spent the weekend finishing up my Philip Pullman re-reading of His Dark Materials series, and have PLENTY to keep me entertained in the reading department for a while. Ah escapist literature...


Bezzie said...

You made it! She's really been doing the secondhand bookstore touring lately hasn't she? She visited my old fave 2nd hand bookstore in AK too.

YOu'll have to let us know how that myth and legend book was. I'm a sucker for those books.

Beth said...

I'm glad you had a nice time and that you found some good books! I love buying books. It's kind of like buying yarn, though. I have good intentions, but don't always use what I buy. :)

more cowbell said...

No way -- that is my favorite bookstore! Love that place!

I was there a couple of weeks ago, looking for one particular book for this parents group I'm working in, they didn't have it. So ... I walked out with 8 other books. Ack! I rationalized with the fact that they were all used but one, and I get my education discount, so it was actually a good buy ...