Friday, September 07, 2007

Human Nature?

Sometimes I think I should have taken more sociology courses in college.  Maybe a few psychology classes might have helped me in my day to day observations of people.  I know what I see and hear from my awesome seating arrangement at work (in a closet across from the kitchenette) has given me a window into human nature that I really wish I could close sometimes.
Did you know most people will speak at full volume while washing dishes or hands, thinking their voice doesn't carry over the water?  And even though there has been someone in this closet for YEARS now, they seem shocked when you slide your door closed so you can conduct your telephone conversation/testing/one of the millions of things you have to do before 3:00 p.m. on a Friday.  Yet if you speak too loudly by their desks, these same voices make rather impatient noises giving you not-so-subtle hints that maybe you shouldn't be speaking so loud ABOUT WORK, near them.
If some small thing changes, I get to hear 50 different exclamations of the same shock and surprise, to no one!  Hello?  The room is empty!  Who is it you are talking to?  Yourself?  Cuz me?  If I am sitting across the way, with my door half closed and haven't even seen you, and maybe have my ear buds in?  I'm so not paying attention to your exclamation of shock, awe and surprise about the treats someone has left for our floor, the mess someone has left for us all to find, the new fridge, or (and especially so) the disappearance of the water cooler!
And speaking about that water cooler? The sign is on the fridge.  ON. THE. FRIDGE. PEOPLE!  Opening the fridge to look for the water cooler is not even a sensible option if the SIGN?  Did I already mention it is ON! THE! FRIDGE!  Practice literacy!  It's amazing what wonderful things you will learn!  Like maybe the location of the water cooler?
But, really, can someone tell me why everyone keeps opening the fridge door to look for the missing water cooler?  I need to understood that little action.  I once had a housemate that would open the freezer every once in a while hoping to find that the ice cream fairy had left him a half-gallon of his favorite ice cream.  He was also the one who let me into the secret that guys will channel-surf with the hopes that they will see skin, girl skin preferably in his case, naked people even better.
Humans are weird.

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Bezzie said...

I took a soc class once. I dropped out when they started making us do statistics.

The world is full of stupid people is just my motto.