Sunday, September 23, 2007

How Many Licks Does it Take to get to the Center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?

That's the best way to describe the feeling I'm having regarding how many times I can rip Noro Kureyon yarn before it's in no condition to be used for knitting a hat or any other knit-purposes.

Non-felted knitting purposes at least, cuz nothing gets tossed in Tactlesslandia if I can help it.

At least, not when it is yarn and I am poor and the dollar is sinking so low that soon I'll be out of that whole "affording new yarn" market and will, as the Yarn Harlot described in her talk a couple Friday's back, be in my own little yarn apocalypse, with only the current yarn I have on-hand as the only yarn I'll ever have, knitting something, getting to the point where you are almost done, then taking that end and pulling it all apart and winding it all back into a ball only to knit something new and almost finish it, pull the needles out and, yeah, there's that end again....unraveling it all into a pile on my lap and winding it back into a ball as my Autistic cousin would, no matter how much new yarn I bought her...

Aaauuuummmm. I think I may need a wee bit of a break here.

It's 10 p.m. on a Sunday night and I have absolutely nothing to show for the 10+ hours of knitting I've done since Friday night. Why so much couch time?

I am fighting a bug. Andy came back from visiting his family in Cali with "gifts!" By Friday he was bed-ridden and sure enough, come yesterday afternoon I was napping in between reading, knitting and napping, as my body said, "Uh-uh, uh-uh, no way" to anything that involved such things as getting up, living life, eating, you know, silly things like that.

I think I'm winning. I'll know for sure by tomorrow after work. If I caught whatever bubonic plague Andy brought with him, I'll be running a fever by then. I usually shrug these bugs off like yesterday's pestilences, but I think I'm a little overworked and underhealthy right now. Something about working those 9 hour days. As much as I love the overtime pay, I think I'd rather have my health, silly rabbit that I am.

On a completely different train of thought, I had my last dental appointment for a bit, the final crown placing, as well as a cleaning.


Hate me all you want, I am proof positive that tartar does not build up on everyone. (Thanks dad!) 2 years since my last cleaning and I am not a candidate for a "deep clean." Nor did she have to scrape for two years' worth of build-up. Though I did finally get the last of my braces cement taken off my teeth...19 years later.

Yeah, we were all kinda surprised that all my other hygienists just kinda never said anything or went so far as to ask about my braces and stuff. Though, benefit of the doubt and all, maybe it takes a couple decades for the cement to show itself? Could be. I wouldn't know, as a society we don't really go around asking people about their teeth, braces, and decades old stains that might be cement, and stuff, right?

Okay, so all you crown long before I get used to having a tooth again? I think it's because it's been over 4 months and some gum surgery since I had a full-on tooth back there, but I can "feel" it. I'm going to give my gums more time to heal, but I'm not supposed to feel anything there, right? I mean, I push down and it is sore! My jaw, that is. But just in that spot. I'm supposed to let my dentist know if it feels "weird." Does that qualify?

Okay, I need to go see if the latest cast-on and style works for the Noro. And yes, I do have that tootsie pop commercial stuck in my head. Would you like it? I aim to please.

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