Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's Not Just Me...

When the receptionist wants to know exactly how I'm supposed to be three people at once next week?  I can finally justify my worry.  I am about to sound like a cocky SOB, but really now, this is where I would like to be less competent.  Where I want to be a flake of the utmost proportions.  Where people think my name and then shake their heads wondering why oh why did the temp agency send "her."
Cuz I am fearing losing my shit next week.  I keep telling myself it's just a temp gig, what do I care?  Except these same people just interviewed me yesterday for a position NOT in this department.  I maybe was too honest when I said I'd love to move into their department because numbers don't have this tendency to yell at me for them not having passed their tests, or call me to tell me they can't make such and such day and can I reschedule, while other numbers are dropping more and more into my inbox so that I can barely make it to the door of my closet.  But maybe I didn't use those words specifically.  But maybe close.  Cuz by yesterday afternoon as I waded through two peoples' worth of work, I was wondering how exactly I'd gotten into this mess?
Something Random, or LA LA LA Gonna Ignore it and Think of Something Else:
When I took my afternoon break I had some odd-ball thoughts in my head.  The one I could not shake is the artwork theme of this building.  The focus really is shown in the art.  It's very beautiful and very striking and yet I started to wonder if some of the pieces were made by the artisan to fool the tourists.  Cuz if someone came into my village and was looking for aboriginal-style/old-world/full-of-culture art pieces?  I could totally see me making up something to make fun of the tourists.  Isn't that just awful?
I'm also the kind of person to go and ask someone who knows Kanji and will not lie to me, exactly what the characters on this or that piece of crockery mean?  Cuz the store owner might have said, "Oh, this one is 'prosperity' and this one 'happiness'" but in reality it means "FOOLED YOU!" or "Got yer money, biatch!"
Yes, I did indeed make a knitting bag with Asian symbols all over it.  I have not a doubt in my mind that somewhere in all the characters something in the style of, "I am a big poo head" is spelled out.  I have reached "jadedness" in epic proportions here. 


tana said...

Oh my gosh I know what you mean about wishing people at work would look at you and kind of shake their heads. "No, let's not give it to soandso, she can't handle too much at a time." I've never been soandso. I'm always the person who's featured in the next breath: "Yeah, soandso's already overwhelmed with their 25 hours of work this week, even though she's been given 40 to complete it; let's give it to Tana." Uh huh. Meanwhile I find myself fulfilling most of my boss' duties (certainly not in all jobs, but certainly most) and my originally assigned work, and then soandso's. Because she got too stressed out and had to go home. Trust me - I understand. My husband actually asked me to please just go to work and barely get anything done. Just be average so that I wouldn't come home stressed out. The thing is, while soandso can somehow get away with that work ethic and probably get promoted, I'm sure that I would be perceived as lazy and unmotivated and I would be pushed out. Right? That's kind of how it works.

Bezzie said...

Hahahahaha! Yeah I'm pretty sure most of those character artsy things usually say "Stupid American Will Buy This."