Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Mug!

One thing that should probably go on one of those "3,000 quirky/cute/scary things about me" list is that I really hate losing things...either because they are misplaced, stolen, or broken.

I think this stems from not being able to replace such objects when I was a kid.

Even though this is no longer the case? I still kinda freak out a little inside (and maybe outside sometimes) if there is a chance, no matter how minuscule, that I can re-obtain the object that is no longer in my possession (I'm super thinking of the night I lost my scarf "somewhere" in Fremont...such a bad night. Yes, I did find it again...yes, I am am a little scary.)


I draw the line at trying to glue shattered ceramic back together again. No, really! I swept up the mug pieces Sunday morning and gave it an unceremonious garbage-can burial. The only thing that brightened my day about it was that I knew we were going to the Sci-Fi Museum and I just knew they sold cheesy mugs in the Seattle Center shops so I might find something to my liking to fill the now empty mug spot in the cabinet:
I have to say this is much cooler looking than the one it is replacing.  Although part of the coolness of the broken mug was that it was free...this one, not so much, and maybe kinda overpriced, but lalala not gonna think about it, I have a spiffy new mug!

And the museum was kinda cool.  They have tons of really old sci-fi novels that pull you into the worlds created by authors and movie makers and dude they have both Robby (originally made for Forbidden Planet) and B-9 (from Lost in Space) Not to mention Zora's raincoat and Rachel's and Sebastian's outfits from BladeRunner.  And yeah, tons of props from old TV shows and movies.  I liked it a lot...but the "Hall of Fame" is really only a wall...and maybe I miscounted...are there really only 5 female authors on that wall?  A post for another day, I think.

Extra bonus?  The Music Experience/Museum is part of the same entry fee.   Not so much into the music thing...I know, you're shocked :).  But it was amusing to see how many of my favorite bands from the 90s have Seattle roots.  I had no idea.  

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Beth said...

Nice mug! That sounds like a cool place to go if I ever get out that way.