Thursday, February 05, 2009

"The knuckles! The horrible knuckles!"

-Terry Pratchett The Light Fantastic

Yes, I might be rereading the series, but only as a reward for reading through the last of those vampire books. Besides, the discworld books seem to have far fewer holds on them than some of the other books I'd like to be reading. Workin' with what I can here. you know when you knit something and give it away, but you took a picture of it(!) for posterity and of course, the blog! And were so proud you remembered! And then you go to post it and realize that maybe, unless your eyes are deceiving you, there might be a bit of a goof up in your work:
Darkside Cowl (ravelry link here).
Do you see my big oopsie? Look dead center, one of these rows is not like the other ones...

Of course being positioned where it is, maybe it's a feature! Something to make it unique! Or something.

See, my coworker was going off to the bay area to go be a bike-riding grad-student. Having been a bike-riding grad-student about ten years previous...maybe almost the same area, I knew her big ol' super cool woven scarf might not quite be as useful...i.e. too hot and yet unless it's summer, it's not quite warm enough to go out and about exposing your neck and stuff. Besides, a cowl is less likely to get stuck in her spokes...consider me a cautionary tale on that one and move on.


- So technically this is my last knit of 2008. Yep, it's taken me almost 2 whole months to post about it...I know! Bad! For shame and all that.

- I pretty much followed the pattern using Lambs Pride Superwash Bulky (grad student, 'member) in Pine until I almost ran out but wasn't done yet so I grabbed a similar Pine that was not bulky but held two ends together to fake it.

I like the fit, and I would have had the recipient model it but she received it still damp as her plans shifted to have her leave two days sooner than I thought she was gonna...but it fit, she told me later.

I'm thinking I need to try the pattern again with maybe the yarn that had only recently been a much too loose cowl...Not that I need a cowl for my bike riding...seeing as there hasn't been any bike riding...still need to get my bike fixed. I know, I know, it's been almost 6 months...but I've got a couple more appointments with my new best friend the Osteopath to see if I can make my hip not hurt so much when I do things like walk. Details!


Kaye said...

Honestly you couldn't have messed that up any better--it's dead center and it seriously looks like it's suppose to be there! I did something similar with my D'Lado cowl. But it wasn't that symmetrical!

Beth said...

It's a very nice cowl! I didn't see your design feature until you pointed it out. :)