Monday, February 09, 2009


You know how there's that "beer-thirty" phrase/excuse people use for justification of a cold one at just after noon?

Is there such a time for when chocolate consumption should occur?  

Just a random thought as they've started out my Monday morning with chocolate offerings at work.  I'm not so much complaining as wondering just how bad it's gonna be if they're already plying us with sweets at 8 AM...

If it had been coffee cake or danishes I might have been the first one to get my share...but chocolate?  At this hour?  I must not be as big an addict as I am portrayed :).


Kaye said...

Depends how the chocolate is presented. Hot chocolate? Breakfastable. Chocolate strawberries? Breakfastable. Chocolate donuts? Breakfastable. Chocolate candy bars? Mmm...not so breakfastable.

Anonymous said...

At our office Chocolate-thirty occurs somewhere between lunch and time to go home. Usually around the 3:30 break time when you start getting a little drowsey sitting at your desk. You know the time when you are starring at your PC screen and feel yourself start to daydream. You know its time for chocolate!