Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Talk About the Summer Slow-Down

Or is it simply lethargy wrapping it's much too warm arms around me?

This will be short, as I currently am not in a mood to deal with yet another computer. Though I know my mini is nothing like my work computer, and using blogger is nothing like fighting against a "feature"-filled accounting application, I am just too tired and overheated (victim of expired sun block, yeah sun in Seattle! Alert the media!) to deal.

We upgraded the program last month just after closing. This is our first try at it with the new program. I sum up my experience with one semi-word:

AAAaaauuummmmm...(Picture me, eyes closed, hands on the arm rests, wrists turned up, thumbs and middle finger touching, head leaning back....DEEP breath...don't smash the computer.

And we all laughed (LAUGHED!) when our boss' boss made a snarky comment only hours before about some company who still used excel as their primary accounting software. I'll bet you anything that they were not ready toLink tear their hair out as the printer icons "poof" disappeared from the screen (again)...or from the profile altogether!

This sums up what my life has been like since my last post.

I will now go bury my head in that Mexico & Peru Mythology book I bought what seems like eons ago. So it turns out it was FIRST published in like 1909, or 1911...I am far too lazy to go look, aren't I horrid? Anyhow, the author mixes in his version of the history with the mythology...and I have some strong opinions about what kind of fellow this European dude was like in person...but I have to remind myself he wrote the book like 100 years ago!

It's like I'm getting two history lessons, one about the ancient peoples of Mexico and S. America and one about early 20 C archaeologists/anthropologists. It's very entertaining!

Okay, running away.


Bezzie said...

Ugh. Yeah, I know the dangers of expired sunblock. Not like the unexpired stuff works any better...

Olga said...

I just read a book, Roma, and it had alot of tales mixed in with the facts, I was dissapointed. I wanted to know what really happened in Rome, not his little made-up stuff. Anyhoo, I'm still waiting for a call back from our computer tecs to fix our program....going on to week two.