Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Plant-Watch 2008

And so it came to pass that though she succeeded in keeping her avocado tree/plants out of harms way (read as: Andy's flailing arms), the African Violets flowering (despite flying remote controls), and even bringing that damned prayer plant back from the dead (water, Andy, plants like it), she was no match for Andy and his tent...

I can not be everywhere at once. There is nothing more depressing than fighting against technology to get your journal entries posted and thinking an email from Andy could be a respite from the hell on earth you are enduring... then reading:
I just broke the plant in the living room. The one in the big pot

I don't even remember doing it.. it's just broken at the base
. I must of hit it with my tent.
I ask for so little... If I can't have a kitten, plants will do!
Here is the plant in question. Mighty healthy-lookin' eh? Well, from this angle. It's all about full-disclosure here folks. I dug around with my fingers and yep, he pretty much severed half the roots in whatever wild-and-crazy tent maneuver was occurring in the living room while I was at work.

More tired that I can possibly describe, I sat there as Andy came up with the brilliant plan of anchoring the plant in place to see if it could survive with only half it's life-giving tentacles. I was game. I mean really, we already had the twine. It was either that or put the pot outside on the deck and la la la, what plant? (Yes, like the others that have not made it...I never claimed to have a green thumb :).)

So all those years on a boat actually came in handy as I used bowlines and two-turns and two-half-hitches to set up the plant:I want to call it Slant-y (Slant-E?). Do you think that's bad? It used to be Lounge-y. Seriously, it was growing at a 45 degree angle leaning back worse than a homey in his low. ride. er with the leaves actually looking kinda straight-yet-totally off center-y. You'll have to use your imagination as there is no before shot. I had no reason to think I'd ever need one, you see.

But plant pictures I will now have in abundance as we are documenting Slant-E's next few days to see if he is coming undone, as it were.

Fight the good fight, big guy! Cuz your pot is awful heavy and moving you outside will really suck. (I am brutally honest to plants, it would seem.)


Bezzie said...

Ha ha, well at least if it doesn't make it it didn't die an ordinary death. HOw many other plants can claim death by tent?

Olga said...

WHOA! A tent? In the living room? How old is he?????