Monday, July 07, 2008

OLK Temp folders...

So remember back when I wondered where in cyberspace I might have saved a post about (ha ha ha) memories? I found it, though I don't remember saving it there... And now it seems out of sync with the way my posts have been going, but then I must stop and realize that my life is out of sync most of the time and to just deal.

Where was it? You are asking in case you might find yourself in a similar situation? Right, as the title suggests, in the realm of the OLK Temp folder. No, I don't know where yours might live, but mine? It was found via the "recent documents," which I must learn to clear some day.

So I'll spend the rest of today finishing it up and post it in a bit, cuz as with most things I "write" while at work, it was done 2 minutes at a time throughout the day and if you think I'm bad about tenses (see below) I'm even worse about flow.

Happy Monday!

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