Friday, July 13, 2007

You See One Pantheon, You've Seen Them All

So the problem with working all day long at a computer...and mean really working, not taking breaks and foraying into the BBC, Digg, GoogleReader, etc, and et al, is that fulfilling your promise to your XMIL that you will gather together all the pictures from your trip and make it into something nice for her? Is difficult to say the least.

One picture at a time, right? Eventually it will happen. I have to keep telling this to myself.

This picture was me getting all artsy at the Pantheon. I love that hole up there...

One of the tour guides, I'm gonna guess Donato, told us that when it snowed in Rome a few years back, people nearly trampled over one another to get to the Pantheon just so they could see the snow come in through the "eye of god" ... um, or is it the column of light... I am far too unmotivated to do the research myself, so I leave that for you. You know, something to do instead of the work you're supposed to be doing :).

Happy Friday!

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