Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Expiration Date-Nazi

Who knew I was so anal?
Wait!  Don't answer that!  RHETORICAL QUESTION, peoples.
So one of my coworkers needed some sugar, NOW, and found an old box of those 1000% sugar meringue-thingies in the little kitchen.  It was in the cabinet for food that's pretty much up for grabs.  She offered some to me but the cookies LOOKED stale so I read the "Best Before" date.  October, 2006. 
Her response?  "Twinkies have a 7 year lifespan."
Right.  Well.  When you gotta have it, you gotta have it, I guess.
Did I mention I don't eat Twinkies either?


LeAnne said...

I have never had a taste of a Twinkie! I am sure I would hate them. I do, however, have a bike jersey and socks that have the Twinkie logo -- my aunt and uncle got them for me as a joke.

tana said...

me too.