Monday, July 16, 2007

I Got Nothin'

No, I have not seen the new Harry Potter flick, yet. So please please please don't spoil it for me :). Cuz it's not like I'm not rereading book #6 or anything right now...not like I haven't read #5 a couple/three times by now...I'm waiting patiently for it not to be sold out at my local iMax theatre. 3-D baybee, tha's what I'm talkin' 'bout. --Who said that? Sybil?

Nope, I don't have plans on any midnight unveiling of the latest book either...I hope to be deep in the throes of Vicodine at the time, actually, as on Thursday at my-god-too-early I will be having the much anticipated "lengthening" of my #18 molar. Yes, that's the nice way of saying they are going to take lots of evil looking sharp implements of destruction and cut away at my jaw! EEP!

I DO, however, have my name down at a tee-tiny local bookshop for the book that shall not be named. He'll have it on Saturday, and unless a miracle of modern capitalism occurs, I'll not get it at the whatever % discount all the big chains are offering, and I don't actually mind. See, I kinda want this guy to make as much money as he can so that he can continue to be the tee-tiny local bookstore in the area. Call me silly... Andy has said that if I am still too traumatized by the surgery, he'll pop on down and get the book for me.

Worry not, dear friends, he won't even be tempted to read it before me, he hateses the books. Nobody's perfect :).

I have a toe to graft, which takes far longer than knitting an actual sock, doesn't it? So soon I'll have another knitted item to brag about like the good little-old lady I'm becoming. Until then, I leave you with to watch some Onion. (My favorite bit is when he talks about Nigeria and their lost economy...and if you haven't been blessed by an email from Nigeria and monies that need an American bank account, I can send you one from my collection.


Bezzie said...

Hey, Andy's alright in my book then! ;-)

Ugh. Good luck on Thursday.

Beth said...

Good luck with your tooth!