Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kismet? or a Random Thursday...

  • Ever since I was lucky enough to score a super cheap little journal at the Pottery Barn (no link, it was on clearance) in which to scribble my wildly vivid dreams in, I've had the same dream over and over and over again:

      Me, lying in bed, writing out the dream I just had, and as I write, the dream vanishes.

    So when I wake up for real? I can't remember anything except my dreaming of me writing down my dreams. I know, I know, it's been established just how close to insanity I tread.

  • It's a couple hours, little less, before I go under the knife. Nervous is a word that pops into my head, "totally freaked out" is the going phrase. I guess that's what the Valium is for. Better living through Chemistry!

  • It's MJs Birthday today!

  • I am a sucker for nostalgia it seems. I'm part of an email list for a band I can never see live, seeing as they stick to venues in LA la land...but here, for the first time UTuBE wins my heart like no other. My favorite song by Windows to Sky (shall I pull a "hollyweird" and say I "knew them when"? I did say nostalgia, Ladies, gentlemen, "The Wall King":


tana said...

Good luck with the slicin' and dicin'. Ugh, I hate needles and surgery, so my heart goes out to you. Speedy recovery mate! And thank God there's something to look forward to, like the final HP book. Right?

Bezzie said...

That dream you have blows my mind. It's not insane, it's cool!

Good luck tomorrow!

Beth said...

I hope the surgery went well for you!