Thursday, July 12, 2007

Checking In to Hermitlandia

It's started again.
You know, I hope, that feeling of just wanting to hang out by myself and do nothing/read/maybe, gasp, knit?  The prevalent words being, by, my, and self?
A sure-fire way of getting Andy to laugh at me is to bust out, "All By Myself" by Eric Carmen in my best Eric CARTMAN voice whenever he's leaving me home alone for the evening.  Not that I really want to go out carousing with the guys at 9 PM on a weeknight, but you know, just to remind someone I'm there to hang out with too!  Just not as cool, and maybe not enough testosterone, nor do I drink as much as everyone else.  Right, that would be why he goes out.
Anyhow, I've really just wanted to chill by myself both at work and at home.  You know, eat lunch at my desk so I don't have to talk to anyone, actually say no to Andy when he asks if I want to go out and hang with people. 
I usually get this way in the middle of winter, though.  Maybe I'm having "climate changes" in my head to match what all is going on in the world?  I'm not what you'd call a big people person, but I'm not a hermit by any means.  I kinda need to talk to people to stay on the sane side of the spectrum.  Yet, if I talk to too many my brain feels too full and I want to go hide.
I think that's what's happening right now.  And maybe I'm not too far off the calendar either, if I consider the fact that in mid-July, if I was still doing the teaching thing, I'd have very little contact with anyone of any age in the middle of summer!  I'm justifying my feelings right now, I guess.
But see, even when I'd rather be all alone, I still post to keep my peeps in touch, homey, err, sorry, my inner gangsta' possessed my fingers just then.  Okay, going to go find a quiet place to take a break now.


Kristy said...

I completely understand! I have been in the same mode lately. For me, though, it is pretty standard for summer. (Though it seems the older I get, the more I do just want to be left alone.) My husband doesn't get it.

And really, blogging doesn't contradict this. Blogging is done alone, with no (immediate) interaction with others, at the bloggers sole discretion and you can respond to comments when and how you see fit.

I have been brushing up on my justification skills.

Beth said...

I hope the hermit thing is normal because I'm like that, too. In college I was much more outgoing (but I think that was because of the beer). :)

Bezzie said...

I'm a lunch car hermit.

Hermitting isn't so bad.