Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday Already?

I feel like I've misplaced a day somewhere. Maybe I dropped it on the way in with the groceries. Maybe it was the wretched night of sleep I had... When too many things are rolling around in your brain, how are we expected to turn it all off to get some sleep? I could have easily stayed up all night and been zombie girl this morning...but I had some stuff to deal with that needed my undivided attention.

Remember my brand new car?
The one I've only made ONE payment on?
The one that HAD NOT NEEDED a trip to the body shop before last night?

Tim, this is how I vent, I'm sorry. I promise I'll be the old me when next you see me...that is, if you even bother to read my blog anymore...just in case :).

So last night I think Andy's realtor-guy cursed me. If I was my dad, I'd totally go on and on about this because he is a believer, I seem to be agnostic in all things... But the guy kept going on and on about my new car and how fancy, and it's a "Matrix," did you watch the movies... Oh, on the gold team, are you having this tag laminated...etc, and so forth.

So it was bound to happen. The gods heard him, or something. So when Tim came by later to pick up some stuff from the garage... BAM! CRUNCH! (or so I'm imagining, I was upstairs dealing with dishes) His subaru's door decided to rework the lines of my passenger-side door...

Yep. I have a picture on the fischer price cam, but that's still in the back seat of the car...it's not like it's gonna go away before I can snap some more...I got the estimate this morning and my still unnamed car is going in next monday at ohmygodit'searly AM so that it can be a one-day job. I'm actually hoping it will be Tim and Andy delivering .... (need a name) as hopefully I'll have something like, oh I dunno, a JOB to go to...more on that later.

Andy told me of how he felt when an ex of his crashed his then 3-yr old car...god, if (insert name here) was 3 years old I would not have felt as angry. DID I MENTION I HAVEN'T EVEN MAILED IN THE SECOND PAYMENT! It was a total Homer Simpson, DON'T KILL THE BOY moment! ARGH! Okay, calming down...you really don't want to see me angry. I segregated myself into my little office until everyone left last night... I had hats to work on.

Speaking of which, let me distract everyone with some knitting:
Niece's hat. All done. Blocked. BILLIONS of ends all woven in. Yes, that would be my head. Yes, I hope it fits her too. I finished, but only have a progress picture of my OB's hat:
My SIL and I have the same comment on this one, "boy, this better fit your head, sheesh!"
It still needs blocking, where I will make it come down to my chin, if necessary...we're going for a 9" length, minimum. I'm calling it the "Monstro" hat...you know, from Pinochio?

Okay, the job thing...
They offered me a 90 day gig for not enough money manning the switchboard and "breaking" the receptionist...yes, for less money than I got for the last "90 day" gig as a receptionist that lasted 6 months...This time downtown Seattle, no parking/40 minute bus ride/more than an hour's salary if i pay to park. Can we way urgh again? Am I that desperate for cash? Well, not really, but kinda yes. She said she'd call me back if she couldn't find someone in the next few hours...urgh. What gets me most is that I need to move UP in the experience levels, not down. This is definitely a DOWN...but it's a paycheck...urgh.

I have another hat to deal with, 'scuse me.


Sarah said...

You poor thing. That SUCKS about your car. :(

At least it wasn't anything toooooooo major, and YOU weren't in the car, and everything is relatively ok.

Beth said...

The hats look great! Sorry about your car. :(

amanda said...

that sucks! man, not fair to get in even the slightest fender bender before the car is a year old!

cute hats!

Bezzie said...

Oh noooooooooooo. Yeah it's nothing major, BUT!

Well at least Monstro seems to be turning out right?