Friday, December 08, 2006

How Can I Stalk You If You Won't Cooperate!

People, people, people! Update your websites and live journals! Come ooon! (okay, maybe a bit too whiney, but I'm exhausted....rum dummy even.) How else can I fulfill my need to know all about you and your daily doings, if you don't write anything anymore!

So hard to be a stalker lately, sheesh.

To all my blogging family and friends out there who do post more than monthly, thank you. I have no life and must find a way to live vicariously through you. Yarn only goes so far, you know? What's really sad is, well, I really and truly doubt that I'll get any response from those I'm trying to stalk...I mean, well, unless they're stalking me back :).


I was supposed to be hangin' with Tim and Andy and waiting for 10 PM to go see "The Fountain," but that's not gonna happen. I was falling asleep into my Palak Paneer Masala... It's not even 8 PM and all I can think about is how much I desperately need to, um, inspect the insides of my eyelids, you know, for holes, yes, that's it. I can not believe how exhausted I feel. My goal is to stay up as long as possible so I don't go waking up at 3 AM, you know, ready for the day to begin and all. That's what comes of doing that work thing, bleh.

Speaking of work, I have so little to complain about, truly. My commute is so easy! One bus, no more than 15 minutes worth of commuting, thus far, even in traffic. The hard part is waiting for it to show's cold, damp, and dark out--both morning and evening. The assignment has lots of tedious, repetitive work, but it's MUCH better than sitting there and doing nothing/answering telemarketing calls/same difference. I'm learning loads. It's all very boring unless you're into accounting and stuff, which I kinda was, once upon a time. It's experience, that's for sure. Though it's not too stable. The company is transnational and moving all financial stuff to the head office (out of state) sometime next year. That's okay, I don't know if I want to make AP a career...

I can feel the building move though...I've invested in some ginger candy, from the Ginger People. 40 floors...and I'm only part-way up. I've been told I just have to go up to the 70th and check out the observation deck. Heh, um, no, thank you. Really. Eep. I get quite enough of a view from two of the three desks I work from...I'm the um, modular helper, or something.

Okay, must go pass out.

OH! Hey you blogger folks, before forget, anyone tried the "new" blogger? I want to know if it really is as "ready for me" as they're saying on the sign-in page. Thanks!


Bezzie said...

There's cake over on my blog!

I moved my family blog to the "new" blogger. Meh, I don't see what the big whoop is about. You can tag entries, the dashboard is a little different (but nothing major), and you sign in with your email address instead of just a user name. And publishing goes a little quicker. That's it. Whee.

Beth said...

Before I started living in the Atlanta area, I stayed at the downtown Westin (73 floors) during a business trip. My room was way, way up and I definitely felt the building move. I didn't like it one bit. We had dinner one night in the revolving restaurant at the top of the building. That was cool until I came back from the bathroom and couldn't find my table. :)

Rebekah said...

You know I've noticed that lately that people haven't been updating as much, must be the time of year.