Monday, December 11, 2006

Some Stuff


Hats for the hat wearers of the OB clan.
Made from Dalegarn Falk Using wild and varied combinations of "farges" 0020, 4203, 5224, 4246, 4516, 0090, and 00007
Needles: US 3 DPNs
Pattern: Clubbed together after finding out my brother's head is ginormous! (He now reads my blog every once in a while, hey Alfred, how's it?!?) So I cast on enough on the "Monstro" hat to go around his 25"s of circumference...I hope it fits, I really do. Then I did some ribbing for about 5 or 6 rounds and went plain stockingette for the boy hats with the color changes.

I really like my the way my nephew's hat came out and was wondering why I liked it so much, then I went to slip my vans on and I swear I did not plan it. Now if my bro and SIL were to get little B a pair of vans to match his hat? Well, that would be too cool for school, I think. But what do I know, I went into Hot Topic yesterday for some exploratory gift idea-gathering for my lil' bro's gift and could not get over the fact that A) The whole store is an homage to "The Nightmare Before Xmas" and "Pirates" and B) Tinkerbell is a goth!

My niece's hat was very experimental. I think I've blogged enough about the pain and suffering I went through to get the colors and slipped stitches in just the right places. Following Murphy's Knitting Laws, of course it will be too small for her and/or she will hate it. Whatever, it's out of my hands, la la la. I'll have them bribe her with candy so they take ONE picture with the thing on and I will be happy.

So this year, instead of trying to make some fabric stockings to stuff the little hats in (sorry Alfred, I don't have the time or patience to make one big enough for YOUR hat), I knitted something up:

I wish I'd thought to double up the yarn, or make them bigger...but then I'd probably still be knitting them instead of trying to figure out the hows and whens of packaging and mailing these things off before the children outgrow the hats and the stocking season is over :).


Bezzie said...

Isn't it a good feeling seeing them all laid out like that?

I like your stockings. They remind me of the ones we had as kids, except classier.

Phil said...

Here are some ideas for next project: SF Chronicle article on knitting

Kristy said...

The stockings are precious. The hats are adorable. Sincerely, you to lovely work!

I have been so busy with the busy-ness of my messed up little world that I had forgotten how much I love to mosey around blogland. And I must say, I am always particularly pleased to wander into your little corner of the world! :)