Wednesday, December 06, 2006

St Nick's Day!

As others have adopted Wednesdays for posts of the "random/WTwhatever/and such" variety I thought I'd post about a random holiday... or at least not too well known.

HAPPY St. Nicholas Day!

Maybe better known as "Little Christmas," or celebrated on the 7th instead, this is one of my favorite days in the whole xmas cycle because boys and girls? It really is all about the gifts today/tonight/whenever. Seriously, you can't have a tree and decorations being put up all the way back in November and NOT have some reward for the kids for not whining too much and trying their Calvin & Hobbes best to be oh so good for Santie Clause (it's the way I always thought it should be spelled) without a break! So bust out the stocking, treats and/or healthy snacks for the kids and pat them on the head to tell 'em they're doing well...

For those determined to educate themselves about said random holiday, go here.

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Bezzie said...

Wow, how cosmic is that that he died on 12/6 (or 12/19)? Wait, never mind they probably rigged 12/25 like that. Darn it. I thought that was a cool coincidence for a split second.