Monday, March 01, 2010

Something Purple

I do still knit. A lot more than I let on, lately, but I do. It's getting my act together enough to snap a picture before I give it away? That I'm having problems with lately.

I'm seeing the attraction of the 3-ish Mega Pixel cameras on the fancy smart-phones wherein you can snap the shot, send it to your social networking site of choice, and bobs-yer-uncle, you have a finished object/brag page/something to account for the squint you're developing.

But I did like making these:
I wasn't sure how to link them, so I kinda just liked the first clue. I'm sure you if you're really burning to knit these you're on Ravelry and have the page/project bookmarked (or whatever you do to save patterns...I need more schooling in these matters, obviously.)

I followed the instructions as written, but finished far too late to enter into the "finished socks" contest, which is okay with me, really. With everything else going on? I'm surprised I got as far as I did and even finished! Hurray for me!

So back in the junior high/later elementary age, I really took a shine to purple things. Not so much the unicorn light-colored lavender, but in a pinch, I'll still saunter over in that direction. But purple? A real blue-hued purple? Prince-and-the-Revolution-Purple-Rain-Purple? I like. And I really liked the shades of this yarn. It's Pagewood Farms in the um, Yukon, um, style? Design? Model? In a very nice (to me, maybe purple isn't your thing) variegated purple.

I made these socks for my best friend from elementary school's birthday this year. I had been aiming for her birthday um, maybe two years ago...but time did that running away thing it does, so I failed. Better late than never? I guess?

She lives where they actually do have snow on a seasonal basis and though these are holey, they are woolly, and I hope she got them and that they fit. It's my first time trying out making socks via long distance for someone other than my mom. And I'm totally willing to try again if I failed, 'kay? No pressure! And if you hate them that's okay too, really! (They don't call me tactless for nothin'.)

For my next trick, I finished a couple hats for my baby brother, who in a few days time won't be so baby anymore...but I am exhausted...which is another update I should talk about, but maybe when I feel 100%, cuz writing about how poopie I feel when the sick factor is high? Just makes me feel worse.

More later.


Bezzie said...

I love the color of those socks--they remind me of purple jelly.

Beth said...

Love the socks! My purple phase was in elementary school when I had a serious crush on Donny Osmond. I put together a puzzle of him and in it he was wearing a velvet purple hat - nice! I'm currently in another purple phase because I've discovered it looks good on me.

Your friend will be so about her socks!