Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just a Hint of What's to Come

So...since a few days before my birthday and unto this AM, I've had the same eye-jarring, ear bugging, don't-bend-over-or-you-regret-it headache.

And yet I am crazy, because I finished these:
tactlesswonder's-Simple Sideways Socks-SM4
for sock madness #4. (There is absolutely no amount of picture tweeking that will make my ankles look any skinnier or less, um, stumpy, so I didn't even bother. Besides, see aforementioned headache description.)

I have thank-you cards sitting here waiting for me to write up, pictures of crazy nemo that need a bit of tweeking, a check to cash (!) -- I love getting checks for my bday! But not the big fat tax returny kind (which are awesome, don't get me wrong), I mean the ones written for like$10 or $20 from grandma (or in this case, xMIL), they make me feel like I'm still a little kid, um getting checks from grandma...or a godmother or seven seeing as I didn't actually ever get a check from grandma.

Can you tell I might still be on some decongestants/anti-inflammatories? If I didn't have to go in and reconcile other peoples' money for a living? This would be uber funny. Instead I am fighting tooth and nail to clear my head up before leaving the house/apt/whathaveyou. (Seattle, be grateful I walk to work, 'sall I'm sayin.)

More later, promise.

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