Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Creature of Habit

If Google Reader can import my bloglines list, I may have to motivate enough to try something new.

But I am a terrible creature of habit. It's folks like me that have kept certain cereal makers in business nigh on 30-too many years. And/or juice producers. And maybe even the folks at certain pen manufacturing companies, hair tie makers, blank book producers...you name it, if I'm using it, it's probably because I've been using that brand/make/model most of my life. It takes a whole lot to move me to try something new. Beginning with stopping the production of the item.

Dude, that whole "get them while they're young" advertising game? Too damned true.

Anywho...semi-filler for Bloglines. Because I feel like reaching out to the invisible masses right now. I'm at that stage of not feeling quite right that has me feeling like I should crawl into a dark cave and not let anyone see me...and feeling all needy and wimpy and can someone please take care of me?!?

Being an adult sucks hard at times like this.

I am over the worst of it, I'm guessing. It's an infection of the "tract" variety that requires way too much water and cranberry juice/pills and visits to the WC to keep things, um flowing. You can kill me later for not going to the doctor and getting antibiotics, but the fact is that it just never got to the OHMYGODMYKIDNEY phase. And seeing as I love doctors soooooo very much? And spent over $300 for them to tell me that I've never had the chicken pox? That if I can get over this on my own? I'm gonna.

Yes, internet moms, at the first sign of that thudding/throbbibg/unmistakable pain I will go see someone, I promise. I know this can go either way (i.e. go away on its own or kill me), but as I keep saying, with the fever gone and the utter exhaustion now at the "I'm just tired" level, I'm either headed toward wellness, or faking it pretty awesomely.

Except maybe I still want my mommy every few hours. (Which really is much funnier if you'd ever experienced being sick around my mom when I was a kid...I think I got my bedside manner from her...which says it all if you've ever been sick around me.)

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Beth said...

Yuck, I don't like those tract infections. I hope you feel better soon!