Tuesday, January 05, 2010

So I Walked to Work Yesterday...

If you knew exactly where my new building is, this would not be all that astounding of a proclamation.

I think you'd give me more accolades for just getting out the door and enduring a morning of RUSHED unpacking and setting up and finding out that we had absolutely NO ability to print (though I joked that I could possibly have our Maryland office print up and FedEx me some documents (yes, to Seattle) as I COULD see THEIR printers...but that was only funny for a wee bit).

I was ready to go home by 11AM. No, I'm not that efficient. It's more like, you know that new-building-smell? No, it is NOTHING like new-car-smell. I'm talking about the paint that hasn't quite set, the carpet vapors plugging up your pores, the ventilation system trying to keep up with 462 new bodies + movers + workmen?

Yeah, that new-building-smell. I thought it would break me.

But after a few hours I was so high on fumes that I barely noticed the lack of oxygen and instead was more concerned that my ear drums would burst from the "noise-dampening" speakers. I know it's not the ventilation system, that's down on the ground and as over-worked as it got (it must have been 80 degrees in that building at one point) it was quietly working away and the noise was definitely coming from overhead.

There are these speakers over our heads that along with being the PA system, seem to be pumping out enough "white" noise that one might mistake it for burgundy. I noticed it with a headache throbbing certainty when I went to the other side of the building (to see my apartment building through the window...) and experienced the blessed sounds of silence.

Later, when Andy met up with me to go have an early dinner and check out my company's new digs, seeing as his head is a whole foot closer to the speakers? He confirmed that I wasn't going bat-shit insane (always a good thing on a Monday).

But now it is Tuesday and I have to go back...and finish with the organizing and maybe light a candle to the printer server so I can maybe get some work done. Cuz as fun as it is to sit around and do nothing? I'd rather sit around and do nothing at home than at work, silly me.


Bezzie said...

I'm a self proclaimed white noise addict...but that sounds like it would make your skin crawl. We were lucky only to have jackhammers and pneumatic hammers when we moved into our new office digs. Thankfully that ended after about six months!

Beth said...

So is the white noise intentional or are is the sound system just not figured out yet? That would really drive me batty.