Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Good News Is...My Mom was Right

She doubted herself. Tomorrow I will praise her logical thinking.

It's official, I have never had the chicken pox.

Everyone at my Dr's office was all, "Of course you have." And, "Maybe the case was so mild you didn't even know it." Or the brutal but true, "Sweetie, at your age you'd better hope you've had it!"

Nope. Never. Not a speck of it in my system. Damn.

See, and this is where you can't trump my mom's line of thinking:
a) My mom has the best memory of everyone in the family.
b) In my 18 years of living there, she does not remember me ever sprouting any tell-tale fever and dots.
c) Had I gotten the chicken pox as a child, why/how did my older brother & dad escape? (Yep, that's me saying that my dad was also not a chicken pox survivor until...)
d) My baby brother got the pox at age 3 (and I was far far away at college) and both my older brother AND my dad (at the not-so-old-to-me-now age of 48-ish) got it, full boar (bore?), no holds barred.

So, when I have the paper results (as opposed to the voicemail), I get to head down the the health department and see if I can't get an inoculation.

Somehow that doesn't seem like a reward for being right though...


Beth said...

Wow! So why did all this come up now? I hope you can get the vaccine you need.

Bezzie said...

My husband never got it AND he lived at home when the rest of his siblings (all four of them) got it. How the hell he escaped, I'll never know. I thought his mom was wrong too--but nope. She was right.