Tuesday, January 05, 2010

On the Twelfth Day of Xmas...

I'll be at work and probably getting that "third day" soreness from moving that will prevent me from doing much celebrating...so I did my baking a night early:
One Slightly Lop-sided Rosca De Reyes

Why do candied anythings remind me of super old ladies? The smell, the sticky sweetness of them...And why do they always taste as if they've been around for a few decades? I mean, I did check the "packed on" and "sell by" dates and though they might be considered "fresh" for candied cherries and what might be pineapple and some other thing that turned into hard jelly, it just boggles the mind. Some day maybe I will candy my own (and thus I shall complete my training and become a full-fledged little old lady.(Insert Darth Vader breathing sound effect, here.))

But the more things stay the same:
...The more they change.
I made two wee Kings Cakes this year instead of my usual way-too-big-for-two-people one so I could not die a sugary death (because it really is, VERY sugary, and Andy will only have one slice)alone, instead I will share the love with workmates.

Now the hard bit...which one to take in? I'm leaning toward the all red one...though the red/green does look more like a crown...yet it's a wee bit more lopsided as well.

Whatevers. That decision will have to wait on the 'morrow, cuz it took about 5 hours to make these things (silly 70's messican cook books with their "stir by hand" for a million stirs and kneading for like 15 minutes, or something...some day also I will follow the recipe without my skipping a step or seven...), and it's past my bedtime.

Feliz Dia de los Tres Reyes! If you celebrate and stuff.


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They really look wonderful! That's a nice way to celebrate. Around here we're much more subdued - I have left my Christmas lights burning and today we'll move the three wise men into place at the manger. (Although in reality I think they visited when Jesus was a bit older.) Maybe next year I'll add a cake like that!

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Cutest Food!

just in case.
welcome to cute kittens Haiku.