Sunday, January 10, 2010

Does It Count as I Actually Cooked, Twice?

Yesterday was supposed to be a productive go-shopping day.

My trip to LA made me realize just how lacking I am in "non-work clothes." See, work clothes? I have sufficient slacks and blouses (okay, I think of silky/rayon with puffy sleeves and maybe a bow or some-such thing when "blouse" comes to mind...but really they're all cotton knit things that I got in the woman's department at JC Penny's or Macy's...) to get me through...I'd say 2, maybe 2.5 weeks without even having to think about "matching" (they all match) or laundry.

Ask me to go out on a Saturday for a casual brunch or day with your kid and I'm frantically searching for a clean pair of jeans and a non-work shirt/blouse that is not part of my "lounge around the house t-shirt collection" which should never see the light of day, and maybe something that makes me look not too frumpy...but also not like I'm ready to go to a business meeting...with jeans...and I'm super lacking; unless I've been really good with the laundry.

As I scanned what I'd packed in LA for such an outfit to go to my nephew's birthday party? You know with kids? And cake? And ice cream? And kids covered in cake and ice cream? I realized I honestly had nothing to wear. Everything I'd packed was just wrong. Nothing was comfy enough to chase kids in, if the need should arise. And let me be all single-no-kids female here...I was not looking forward to getting "kid" stains out of anything I owned, should the need arise.

So it's been in the back of my mind that I need to shop for such occasions. Especially since more and more folk are getting in the family way and I so do not want to be that person that can't enjoy their time with their friends and their kids because my pants are too nice to sit on the grass and chill out in. I've never been that kind of person, yet somehow my wardrobe is vectoring in that direction.

I know what accident + weight gain + pants that HURT my HIP + way more work-style clothes on sale than non work clothes = me with exactly 2 outfits to wear on a "go out" weekend.

Yesterday was supposed to be the day to amend this problem.

Then I woke up with the gnarliest of sinus I sat up in bead and started re-re-reading the Harry Potter saga in between naps of epic proportions, sudafed, and advil. I'd say I did absolutely nothing? But I got hungry around noon and made breakfast during the more medicated of moments. Had I not been loaded up on sudafed I think the sound of cracking eggs might have killed me...or made my head explode...that's how bad it was.

Then I went straight back to bed and hit repeat....until dinner.

Seriously? I made dinner? Though Andy helped mightily with this as I was getting super distracted by my head, nose, and I also seemed to have thrown my back out...but as I figured out later, it was that aforementioned hip twisting my tendons and back out of whack again. I think it's something to do with the 11 flights of stairs I went down on Friday (fire alarms cause the elevators to park in the lobby until the firemen make it all better, FYI) in order to leave the building.

Whatever the case? I did not make it to the stores. And I'm rather glad of it. My body needed to collapse and be useless (except for maybe also doing some laundry) after all these weeks of go, go, go! It's winter and I honestly think we are meant to do WAAAAAAY less during this time of year than society says we should.

Today being a whole new day and my headache finally subsiding at about 4AM...maybe I'll venture out, depends on how the hip is doing (Tiger's Balm Muscle Rub is my friend). After all, I did wash my weekend jeans and I'm almost positive I have a t-shirt worth wearing.

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Beth said...

I'm sorry you didn't feel well this weekend. My wardrobe needs help but in the other direction. I have very few dressy clothes. Good luck!