Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Today, I Have Hope...

Cuz my boss-guy comes back from vacay, kaloo kalay!

I get to pass on my mantel of responsibility back to him!

Hurray! Dance of Joy! Bust out the PEZ and fizzy drinks!

I will poke out of my little world only after this cup has passed on to someone else, because really, keeping it super local here (like just in my head and what I've been knitting) is the only thing that has kept me from losing it lately.

Here's something else I finished, and a peek at my new glasses:
Presented with my new self-portrait discovery*, and my very wet tendril-like hair, Andy's new and improved hat! For the man who is very comfortable with his sexuality...actually the colors are WAY more subdued in real life, but yeah, there is a little pink in there.

So um, specks....

There were very small needles...US2's I think...and some German yarn...I think....why do I bother?

I cast on a million stitches though...well nearly. Somewhere in the world of 146. I knit until it was twice the length of my pinkie, folded the brim and connected the cast on to the live stitches cuz we are really bad with the hemming of things....then kept going, making Andy try and try and try it on until it was long enough and then the double decreasing started...I think I did PSSOs this time. And then it sat on the bookshelf for a while until I finally wove in ends (there was a knot in the yarn and I'd already finished it once...but TOO SMALL and yeah, had cut the yarn...)...but now, it's done.

Just in time for winter.

*And a hint to all your bathroom self-portrait peeps? Stand in front of your mirror like always, but point the camera at yourself. The LCD will reflect BEAUTIFULLY in the mirror and you will know just what you are taking a picture of. And NO NEED to go through the trouble of cleaning that mirror first!


Bezzie said...

Nice hat and stylin' specs.

My bathroom pics are done by putting the camera in the medicine cabinet and hitting the self timer!

Olga said...

I like your glasses- since I wear 'em too- I'm always lookin for cool styles. And the hat is not girly man- its metro.

erin said...

Oh my God, I am in love with that hat.

Nice glasses!