Monday, November 17, 2008

On the Ground...

I was not lying to work when I said my family does not believe in the internets.

One of the first tasks I took on was to fix the family my little brother's computer.  Hello land of viruses!  I think I might have been infected by one...or maybe it's all the smoke wreaking havoc with my lungs?  Dude, fire season is upon LA and I'm just amazed.  Why go camping?  You can get that burning smell in your clothes and hair by just walking outside to your car!

It's no longer that bad this morning, a, yup, it really is 4 AM.  No, we are not a family of party-hardies...I do not know what I'm doing up except for the fact that I woke myself up by scratching too skin is so dry I want to either dip myself in a vat of cream...or rip the whole thing off and have it done with.

Good times, oh yeah.

So, seeing as I am cough, cough, the computer expert 'round here...I was able to reinstall the system and almost get it back to the factory settings...almost.  Can anyone tell me why there is no longer any sound?  I thought I'd installed all the drivers necessary, but um, nothing.  No, I have not done the internet search thing, mostly because I'm still looking for the paperwork/the right buttons to click to find what kind of sound card is in this machine.

Am I the only one laughing at the fact that the former English major is the one finessing the set up of the computer?  I own a mac for a reason, people!

Anywho...I really should try to get some more sleep before the craziness of my family's regular schedule starts up...and as awful as I look, I was tempted to try to get a picture of where I am sitting so that you too could be startled/play that game where you find the hidden objects when you realized that you I am surrounded by an army of sundry google-eyed stuffed animals in various states of wear.  No really, the water-winged Elmo that is "peeking" over my shoulder to read the screen just about made me jump through my papery dry skin. 


Bezzie said...

Hee hee, ah home and family!

Rick Andreoli said...

Can't wait to see you tonight!!