Tuesday, November 04, 2008

There May Have Been Some Knitting

So I should probably start dating my knitting BC and PC....Before Camera and Post Camera...seeing as I gave baby L&L her hat sans pictures...and even Lev got his hat with nary a snarling picture to document it...

Yeah, part of it is the laziness factor...part of it is that Lev's hat was still wet when he stuck it on his head...no excuses for the baby hat though...

But I finished this guy last night:
I haven't measured him, and yes, this one is a "he," but he's definitely longer than I am tall.

I really only need a scarf long enough to go around my neck a couple times...and yet...maybe it's the buried Dr. Who fanatic in me...and the absolute OCD-heebie-jeebies that left-over yarn gives me...if it is a scarf, I must use up ALL THE YARN for it...so I get stuff like this...fit for a person much much taller...or um much much colder than I.

More details once it's dry.

1 comment:

Bezzie said...

Oh my god, that's HUGE!! I get bored at about 3'!