Saturday, November 15, 2008

Theatre of the Absurd

I think I must really hate to travel.

Or I am too big of a procrastinator for my own good...

Except I tend to make work deadlines pretty well...okay maybe 1.5 hours over today...but I was also working up cheat sheets for the peeps taking over my daily tasks next week. What a horrible little drone I am, vacaying while short-staffed. I apologized profusely but there were both plane tickets and my sanity to think about. It's been YEARS since I've seen my mom.

And yeah, it would be 12:20 AM, and nope, I'm not ready to go.

I did not take this long to pack for Italy...what is wrong with me?

Okay, maybe it's because my head is too full right now...maybe I can use this post as a bit of a pensieve.

- A couple of days ago, a friend of mine forwarded a link to a contest being run by the woman who used to be my best friend in high school--but is now not communicating with me. I guess it was nice to know she is still alive and stuff...but it kinda made me very sad and not want to go to LA. She lives there. There is a one in 5 million chance we'd bump into one another...but my odds are very strange of late.

- Please peruse a picture that I took last night in the parking lot:
It's hard to make out, but well, it's my passenger door which thanks to my lovely lady hump, got bumped open by complete and random chance and accident as I was pulling out the groceries. I freaked!

Why? Because I've related just how close the spots are to one another before, right? The object mere centimeters from my oh-so-big-and-metalic-and heavy-door?
That would be my neighbor's side view mirror that I didn't whack. Not even a touch or a bump or anything (boy are our cars dusty!) But I may as well have, the adrenaline rush was quite something.

I'm on some kind of a weird streak. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket? No really:

- Everything I thought of taking of taking with me? FITS into my carry-on. Yes, mostly shorts and short-sleeved shirts...and my birks. It's to be 90 degrees and clear pretty much all week. I'd be jealous of me too if it wasn't east LA I was going to. Now Maui? That would make me green. What totally sucks is that it'll be about 40 degrees going and returning...will I be the only one in line for LA wearing a pea coat and scarf?

Must finish packing...down to that thing I keep reading about on all the blogs and am so perplexed about, really...WHAT PROJECT AM I TAKING?!?! Really now, this is silly. 7 days, the pair of socks for my mom that I might just finish and hand to her right then and there, right? Sounds like a plan to me...and yet, what if I get bored with that, what if I need something else...Gah! What a nightmare!

I need sleep.

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