Monday, June 30, 2008

Viva, Viva, Henderson...

I have now been to the land of glitz, glamour, gambling and strippers twice in my lifetime. I have yet to walk "the strip" and am not one bit disappointed with this oversight. I will do it some day, really, but in my head I am 50 lbs lighter and am wearing swankier things than the birks, t-shirt, and shorts I opted for this trip's wardrobe. Really, I figured I would be spending 99% of the time in my swimsuit, so no need to dress up, right?

My god it is HOT in Vegas. I mean, this is me, having grown up in Los Angeles? (The asphalt so hot it is sticky?) Having spent a summer in the Sea of Cortez? (Hello sea water 100 degrees and EVAPORATING before my eyes) Having been 5 inches (okay maybe a foot) from flowing lava in Hawai'i?

There was a super spiffy weather-monitoring-machine thingie for my benefit -- or maybe theirs so S & B could enjoy the look on my face whenever I picked it up and said such things as, "OMG, it's 115 degrees outside!" Thank the good lord for the invention of A/C.

It was so hot you could smell the desert foliage DYING. Mix that with all the smoke filtering in from the LA fires and you'll understand why my eyes are still bloodshot. Well, that and maybe a couple of other things like sunblock, lack of sleep (yey enchilada rolling at 2AM! hot tubbing at 1AM! cheap red-eye flights! -- There is NO ONE on the freeway at 3 AM on a Sunday, except other cabs coming from the airport, just in case you were wondering.)

Surprisingly, I am not lobster girl! I am, however, breaking out in hives and a rash like there was no tomorrow thanks to the lack of moisture + cat (new addition to the house I had no previous knowledge of) ++ CHLORINE (there were children at this party...many still in diapers...) +++ the nerves I cannot control while traveling...

I am seriously considering chemical intervention. I had a very tall cool glass of white wine with dinner* before the trip to the airport and man, was all the insanity easier to deal with.

*Hot dogs and salad--I love having small children around, no adults sans children I know EVER have such yummy things as chicken-hot-dogs or Teddy Grahams on hand!

There are pictures...somewhere. But it might be considered evidence by some. And no one really needs to see me in my swimsuit. Besides I have a couple knitting projects to put finishing touches on, and that is much more fun than looking for cords, adapters, and dealing with photoshop.

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Olga said...

We need photographic evidence!!!!
Not really, It's only gotton to 86 degrees here so far, so at least we only run the AC for a wee bit in the evening to cool off before bed. I would die in 115 heat.
Did you go to any cheap-o all you can eats? And did you see or touch any monkeys?