Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Really, Not Dead In a Ditch!

Or fired.

I cannot explain my absence. I did not run off to Vegas (baybee, Vegas) or Tahoe or the Nevada desert for some good ol' fashioned burning of precious resources...I was just...doing...um...hmmm, what was I doing?

There was knitting and nekkid people and coffee and kites and maybe a little alcomohol, but not in that order.

Happy Solstice!
Did you miss it? They have a parade here and everything. I think it's to convince the sun that really truly, if he comes out? People will celebrate! And wear pretty sun dresses! Or fairy wings!

On Saturday James & Laura & Andy & I braved the frighteningly large amounts of people to go take a gander:
This is the grand marshal, or something. It's almost safe for work if you don't enlarge it. The non-official start of the parade includes naked people on bicycles, usually painted, sometimes au natural. Many times scary.

I was going to bust out all the pictures of the nekkid people, but they're all over the inernets by now. Or here. Besides, what I really wanted to show you all was the shot Andy got of the people on the other side of the parade route TAKING PICTURES of all the skin! Only I can't seem to find that one currently, so instead I give you:
Some Spaghetti and Pirates, cuz they go together like sha-na-na-na na-na and rickety-ding de dong.

Let's just say I started my work day today by ripping a big hole in my thumb with a paper clip. Does this explain my mood a wee bit?

Have a zombie:
Then after I stopped the bleeding I found out I would have to do the data entry as some-a-body was too ill to come in to do their work. That did not bode well. Not especially as today was the official start of my "end of the month" insanity. I start a week earlier than everyone as I have to make sure the long distance, credit cards, and cell phones get paid and reconciled. Fun times, I know. I can sense the jealousy from here, stop it.

Sure enough, the upgraded computer program, that is supposed to be the best thing since pre-packaged kids lunches, sucked major donkey private parts. (Cuz if you ignore my occasional swearing and girls-dressed as unicorns with the pasties above (I had to show you at least that much, right?); we like to keep it clean her in tactlessland.)

Seriously? Big computer conglomerate whose janitors probably make more in a month than I do in a year? If you are releasing a product? Make sure such "features" as asking the user if they want to run the debugger are hidden from view, 'kay?

And summer actually started today.

It was almost considered hot (by Seattle Standards), and I was stuck yelling at computer programs and making my office-mate think I am a bigger weirdo than he could have ever imagined, instead of doing this:
Yep, that's the back of my head...and the wee thing in the sky would be my kite.

I've been able to take her up a couple times now. And it is fun. And I think everyone should go fly kites. Maybe ones a bit bigger than mine so you can not worry about a big gust setting them free. Yep, I'm thinking about an upgrade...though the convenience and portability of the key chain will be hard to beat.

And for those of you who wondered if I was still knitting...and maybe what I look like 12 years on:


Bezzie said...

The kite takes flight!!

I'm not sure what's worse, covering for sick coworkers or new computer programs? Or both together?

rita said...

I've never heard of a solstice parade, but I think it's an excellent idea! Parades and alcohol and summer just go together hand in hand.