Monday, August 27, 2007

A Testament to My Accuracy

So, I just found out that there is a "POWER" button on my keyboard here at work.
To clarify, no, my keyboard does not have a power switch, this is an actual "kill power" to the computer.  You know, you press it and BAM, no juice.  "Monitor will power down in 5 seconds."  It does not ask if you want to shut down the system or anything, it just makes everything go dark.  It's right next to the SLEEP and WAKE buttons.
I've been here almost three months and my fingers never found their way to that part of the keyboard, until today.  Today when I was in the middle of a rather long email.  A work related email!  Even better, a work related email that was being written on Outlook which, I come to fine, has NO AUTO SAVE function.
As I stated above, it must be a testament to my accuracy that it took almost three months for me to accidentally find that button, just above the silly "Print Screen" button that I'd been aiming for. 

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