Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Filed Under: Reasons I Should Own a Working Camera

This morning's commute:
  • The older guy dressed in a three-piece suit, leading his wee little doggie with a VERY LARGE bag of dog poo.
  • The well-dressed young woman carrying a caulking gun, caulk in place and ready to go.
  • "Fanatic for exercise" gal that looks like she was hit with the "logo" gun who jogged around and around and around the light post while waiting for the light to change--she was making me dizzy.
  • TOO MANY PEOPLE trying their hardest to break the World Record for how many people can fit on a # 26 bus.
  • The fellow so intent on dialing a number on his cell phone that he walked right into the bus stop.
Did I mention my commute is only 2.5 miles long?
Happy Tuesday


tana said...

I am crying a little from the laughter. You can't beat that kind of commute. Not at all. And yeah, you need a camera - let's start a fundraising event to get you one!

Bezzie said...

Maybe just a video camera mounted to your head or possibly hidden in your purse?
That list you just gave is the only reason I could ever see myself buying a camera cell phone.

Alisha said...

Hilarious! That last one got me laughing!

Sous le soleil...