Thursday, August 02, 2007

Just Can't Focus

My mom's birthday is about to sneak up on me. Yes, even though I know exactly what day it is and have known for months!

I have to get my act together and send off the gift I've been fixing up since April. Will it happen? Quien sabe.

I'm having a horrible morning. It's nothing anyone is doing to me, I think it's all inside. A combination "too many things in my head" + friends visiting + working all day + not enough sleep, is giving me a pounding headache and an upset stomach. That last bit I just noticed a couple minutes ago as I sat down at my desk for the first time this morning. I feel all woozy/bad coffee stomach. Sour stomach? I'm not all that good at describing it.

The only positive thing I've found out thus far is that if I can find someone else to monitor them, I won't have to work a 10-hour day today! See, I scheduled candidate for an early testing appointment, so I was in far too early this morning. Well, sometime yesterday after I'd left, someone (not me) scheduled a late late late-almost-early-evening candidate for me today! Happily, somebody, though I don' t know who, else can monitor the LAST test of the day.

I swear, I saw it on my calendar and I just about cried. I'm sinking down a hole today. It's a slippery slope. I'm tired, cranky, and just want to go home and go to bed. I don't get this way very often at all and it's bothering me. The worst part is that unless everyone is out of the house doing whatever touristy thing they've planned today, I still wouldn't get any peace and quiet even if I was home.

I'm dwelling very deeply and darkly in the negative right now...


tana said...

You know what? I do the same thing from time to time. I'm very "inside my own head" sometimes and it's just exhausting being that "thinky". I'm so quotation marks today.

Anyway, I hope life gives you a break soon. We should meet up in Seattle sometime this month or the next and have coffee, knit and chill. No thinking allowed.

(I hope that's not weird that I just invited myself into your life). :) I'm not a serial-killer or anything.

Beth said...

I hope your day improves and that you get a break and some alone time.

Rick Andreoli said...

Bad! No sinking holes! I just got out of my own-- and yes, Comic-Con helped put me there for various reasons.

Just focus on the stuff you know makes you happy and stop circling the trash talk in your head. That's my advice.

Oh, and I stayed away from drinking for two days. That helped, oddly enough...

Bezzie said...

It's fun to wallow in the cranky mud. But it's fun to take a shower too.

Ok, that was my poetic way of trying to tell you not to be so hard on yourself and enjoy any mood you're in.

Meh, I'm no poet.

kyra said...

How is it that you're working crazy overtime as a temp!? That is like, so illegal! What if you went in the director's office and stamped your foot really hard with your hands on your hips and said "No! More! Work!" How bout that??

Yeah, ok, it's never worked for me either...

I sympathize. You need a break. btw do you have time for lunch tomorrow??? Or should you just take your lunch hour anyway? :)