Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quantity vs Quality

Reader, emailingisaformoflurking*, writes:
"Are you cheating on blogger? Why haven't you been posting?"

It's called, "Just shy of being over my head at work."

Right now, this is not quite a bad thing. I'm enjoying the challenge. I am learning to say, "NO." I am learning to successfully NOT say, "Why don't you go and do it your own damned self." But only rarely find the need to even think it. That's when I just smile that half-smile and nod as I jot your task on my "things to do" list. No, it will not be the next thing I do. I may not even get to it until tomorrow. I am very much still a 7th grader at times. I wouldn't mind doing everything for everyone if it wasn't for the one person in the office that does it all for herself. What this tells me is that either she doesn't have enough work, or (more likely) the others? They could also maybe do it all themselves, but choose, instead, to send it my way.

The other day some of my logic slipped out before I curtailed it, so I'll share it with the world now. Andy boiled it down to my not minding/hating/wanting to kill "stupid" people. They're okay in my book. (Really it's more like "people who make stupid mistakes.") It's the competent ones that are assholes that I have a problem with.

I mean:
  • If you're speeding in a residential area cuz you didn't realize the arterial speed had changed from 40 to 25 or something, that's one thing. If you are speeding cuz you can? Screw you.
  • Oops, you got on the freeway using the carpool lane cuz you've only lived here a few days? That's fine. You use the lane because you're so special, and besides, you think your penis is big enough to be considered a second passenger? Kill you.
  • You cut in front of me at the grocery store because you didn't see that the line split to make room for people to pass by? No problem, bonus if you look all "deer in the headlights" and apologize. However, if you feel like it's my tough luck for not pushing grandma out of the way so I could cross the "passage" aisle and now I'm stuck behind you? Don't be surprised when my grocery cart wheels have savaged your ankles.
Better picture of it all, nes pa?

With that in mind, is it any wonder just how I prioritize stuff at work?

Speaking of which...

Happy Tuesday.

I promise, more than once a week postings from now on. I'm not dead in a ditch. Just buried under paper.

*No, not their real name/persona/email.
Even I am not sooooo mean as to call someone out when they are so shy they email instead of commenting directly on my blog.


tana said...

Oh my gosh - Amen and AMEN! Geez louise the rudeness of people nowadays! They don't smile at you when you smile at them, no friendly waves when you let one cut in front of you on the road. I could go on and on, but I won't. I'm too tired.

kyra said...

It's so funny that you are in over your head at work. I mean--no it's not! sorry! it's not funny... :( But seriously, misery does love company, doesn't it? I can completely sympathize with you. I was about to write you back the other day and then I got interrupted and the next thing I knew, I heard you being paged on the intercom so I figured you were extra busy. In fact, I think I've heard you being paged a couple times lately..!

I love that half-smile nodding tactic. I am getting good at that, too. When someone asks me to do something completely inane or crappy and I'm already overloaded with work, I do this thing where I stare blankly and say "ok" with a slightly, but not completey, deadpan expression. That's my way of appearing accomodating because I'm not screaming "hell no!" but also looking totally unthrilled. It usually works or at least results in a lot of explanation and apologies to me as to why the request is so crappy and last-minute and inane.

We should go to lunch soon, when we're not so busy... Which will be never... so we need to carve out some time and just go!