Tuesday, June 19, 2007


My brain is so full of "stuff for work" that I am totally blank in the creativity department.
Isn't that just bizarre how work can do that to people?  Suck their brains of all but that which must happen for work for we are Borg and must work for the collective...or whatnot?
Is it really only Tuesday?
Okay, I need to take a creativity break...or something.  I'm a little weirded out by how I feel right now.  Mind-numbing isn't the word.  It really is more like a "Workmentor" coming by and sucking all non-work thoughts from my head...like I'll never be able to think about anything non-human resources related again...
Andy and I went to the IMAX theater last night.  We live dangerously close to it and had no idea.  Spiderman3 is there until mid July or whatever the exact date is when the next Harry Potter flick shows up...in 3-D!!!  I gotta say though, if you're gonna go out to se a movie, IMAX is the way to go.  Andy thought it was way too loud.  Back when I had full use of my hearing I probably would have felt the same.  Instead I thought it was just right.  That makes me so very sad.
Anyhow, if you haven't seen Spidey3...well, I'd wait for video...unless you really just want to see CGI after CGI scene.  Which is a valid reason to go in its own right.  It fell prey to the same thing the "I'm Batman" movies did.  Too many villains and too many lessons to be imparted all at once.  Give me one hero, one villain, one damned climax and following denouement in a shorter movie and I am a happy camper.  So many "you know maybe you should reconsider what you're thinking" scenes could have been cut...but the powers that be don't seem to think that the audience can figure things out for themselves anymore...urgh.  The dumbing down of America really pisses me off sometimes.
Okay...enough of this foolishness...a little more HR stuff and then I get to go home.  It's just sad when your afternoon break happens at the end of the day...must learn to monitor my breaks a wee bit better.

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