Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Official!


Andy and our landlord will do that final "walk through" thing today and the house at the edge of town will go up for sale. Or something. By the way ladies, Andy is doing the last of the cleaning, as I gotta work. He's already there, been there since like 5AM cleaning BATHROOMS and mopping floors. (See Andy, don't say I don't advertise for you, free market economy and all...)

Back at the ranch:
In the same vein as the "you know you're a" redneck/knitter/geek lists, I share with you that which is set up and in use in the apartment:
  • The coffee maker.
  • Andy's computer.

(Obviously the bathrooms as well, but technically, as most of the bathroom stuff is in a box "somewhere," I don't consider that "set up" yet. Don't even ask about the bedrooms, I live in BOX HELL.)

Hmmmm....what does this say about the dwellers of this place? Archaeologists would have a field day if Mt St Helens pulled a Pompeii on us today.

But yes, there is once again connectivity "in da house," or what have you. Now I just have to figure out what box my computer is in...then some day I will set up the kitchen, maybe the living room. It's all about priorities, people. :)

Happy Friday!

(BTW, for those who watch my every move...and noticed my flagrant usage of style in this post...I'm practicing my HTML skillz. I've been in need of such at this latest assignment.)


Anonymous said...

Andy K., Male Prostitute.

tana said...

Mad skills. Mad computing skills. Good luck with the boxes.

Beth said...

Just how close do you live to Mt. St. Helens?!